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How much notice is required to make a reservation?

Puebla Luxury suggests that you book a reservation 24 hours in advance to ensure a car will be available. However, we can often provide unscheduled pickups. You may call us or check online for same-day availability.

Will I get a call when my car arrives?

As a courtesy to our customers, we do attempt to contact all our customers when their drivers are on location. However, we are not always able to contact passengers upon a driver’s arrival due to heavy call volume.

Can the driver come into my building to pick up my luggage and bring it out to the car?

Unfortunately, drivers are unable to leave their vehicles unattended. Our drivers will be pleased to assist with your luggage from the front of your building to the vehicle.

How much notice is required to cancel a reservation?

Puebla Luxury requests that our customers cancel their reservations at least 2 hours in advance for Manhattan pick-ups and 3 hours in advance for pick-ups outside Manhattan. Cancelations made after the requested time-frames are subject to cancelation fees.

May I make a last minute change to my reservation?

Puebla Luxury attempts, to the best of its ability, to accommodate last minute changes. If you would like to make a change to your reservation, please notify us of your change at least 2 hours in advance for Manhattan pick-ups and at least 3 hours in advance for pick-ups outside of Manhattan.

If I have already booked a reservation from the airport, what should I do once I land?

After you retrieve your luggage, please call us with your confirmation number so that we can direct you to your car. Your driver will pick you up within minutes at a designated curbside meeting point located right outside your baggage claim. You may reach us at 718-783-6465.

For airport pickups, must I reserve a car in advance or can I call for a car once I land? How long will it take to pick me up?

Puebla Luxury can generally provide unscheduled airport pickups. Please call us once you have landed to check our availability. If you would like to ensure availability, we recommend that you book a car in advance. It takes approximately 5-8 minutes for the driver to pull up to your terminal.